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Friday, June 04, 2004

Music. My life.

I love music. I cant live without music. I have been listening to music since I was five - when everyone else was either still sucking their thumbs or sniffing on their stinky blankets, I was listening attentively to my Father's Chuck Mangione albums and my Uncle's Steve vai Tapes.
Every Song has a part that just defines it.
My favorite song part is Pearl Jam's "Evenflow"
In the near-end part of the song, the band just slows down and tones down with Jeff Ament just grooving on the bass. In the Music video, you might recall this as the part where Eddie Vedder climbs up the stage's scaffolding to prepare to jump into the audience. At the end of the 8th chord block they erupt into a loud last block after which Eddie bursts with an "EEEvenfloooow!".
This song defined my teenage years.

Here are the 50 coolest song parts of all time.

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for Chuck Mangione's Site.

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for for Steve Vai's site.


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