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Sunday, November 27, 2005

My Girl And I ... "My Sassy" Retread?

the new samsung phone is really picking upCha Tae Hyun is cool. I like the guy, his performace in My Sassy Girl is probably one of the most underrated performances in recent Korean film. Naturally funny and charismatic, he would be the perfect guy for Jeon Yoon-Soo's My Girl and I. Song Hye-Gyo is more popularly known here as Jessie in the hit koreo-novela Full House among others, this will be her first full length movie after being in dozens of TV dramas.
What got me interested is that after watching the trailer, it got me the My Sassy Girl fuzzies (which is a good thing). I'm gonna be in the look out fort this one along with Welcome To Dongmakgol and the elusive, Sympathy for Lady Vengance.

Click here for the trailer link.

Props to Twitch and KFCC.
I have a picture with my high school girl just like this


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Thanks! You can see that "at" has been added in the old one :-)

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Blogger the rocketboy said...

Thanks Adobo, I just did.

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