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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Michael Bay to Direct Transformers? Noooooo!!!

Megatron's a communist! Say it isn't so. Michael "USA is No. 1" Bay, Director of American capitalist propaganda movies like Armageddon and Pearl Harbor is being mentioned in message boards everywhere to be the anointed one for taking the helm of Speilberg's Transformers movie. This is bad bad news for me. Not only am I not a fan of Bay's style-over-substance techniques, I am terrified at the prospect that he might Americanize the movie too much. Sure it was originally American, bu I dont want to see Prime waving the red, white and blue like some Iwo Jima soldier. He coud do G.I. Joe, maybe. But I could care less.

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Anonymous cristi said...

yeah, i feel you, bro. optimus going "autobots! transform... (camera panning ever so slowly along the line up with philharmonic orchestra music blaring in the background)...and roll out! (camera on a low angle on Prime and goes around him...slowly. zzzzz)

9:22 AM

Blogger drei said...

it's possible, since Bay's last film is with Dreamworks, Spielberg's company. Dati kasi all his films are produced by Bruckheimer.

Pero okay naman magdirect si michael bay, especially during scenes where there's a build up of pressure, and usually there's a speech in the background, and dozens of simultaneous scenes are shown. Trademark un ng The Rock, Armagedon, and Pearl Harbor.

1:07 PM

Blogger Alexa said...

I remember watching Transformers when I was little. With the CGI effects now, it might be an awesome live action.

7:11 AM


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