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Friday, July 23, 2004

Movie Review: "Imelda" (2004)

Funny, Infuriating,and Creepy. These are the words that best describes the Ramona Diaz docu-drama "Imelda".
I had been waiting for the movie since I first came to hear about it. I was very pessimistic that it would not be shown in local theaters, adding the fact that Imelda herself filed a motion not to show the movie. The courts ruled a restraining order on the premier to 24 days. 24 days ain't that long.
The movie was a feast for the eyes of Imelda bashers. The shoes, the singing, Marcos' dead corpse covered with wax, everything you could ask for.
It started out with good notes on Imeldas roots to her apparent nervous breakdown during Old Ferdie's senator days until the early years of the regime when she started making goodwill tours to Libya to talk to Q'addafi (or Kaddafi, I still dont know how to spell it) to attending state dinners in the White House. A lot of the resource persons had a lot of good things to say about Imelda.
Things take a bizarre turn when she starts to explain her existential theories on the Cosmos and "Peace and Order" on a piece of drawing pad as referenced on her her "book" ,"The Circles of Life". "We have many gods but one Creator" she says, as she draws an apple shaped figure in the pad. This movie turned out to be a very fascinating trip into the psyche of the "Iron Butterfly". A journey into origin of her wacky logos for the "Bagong Lipunan" programs and her narcissistic claim to be the embodiment of th Filipino People, "Loving and Beautiful".
Most of the things that gives Imelda away are the actual things she says. It's amazing how level Diaz was in the treatment of the issues. She had reason to be. She was deep in the belly of the beast having to interview Imelda's closest friends and confidantes and was careful not to ask the wrong questions. The opposing opinions were provided by American statesmen and filipino Matial law journasists. Fr. James Reuter gave sume very funny coimments on how Imelda would not shut up for 4 straight hours.
The treatment was so even and balanced we really have a hard time deciding who Diaz is siding with. We all know, however, that this is the most effective way to catch a fish...with it's own mouth.

Rocketboy's Rating: *** (3 out of 5)


Blogger hündün said...

i love the movie! her intellect is one of a kind...imagine who could've thought of the 7 portals (na yun pala e sampu) and the apple!?!?!?! who else but the "enslaved star"

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