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Saturday, October 22, 2005

My Most Memorable Movie Posters 3: The Best "Best Describes The Movie" Posters

Hi there, here I go again with my posters, since I don't feel very well today and am basically to lazy to write, I will be posting some movie posters that don't really require any explanaition. Pardon the cynical tone in the next few lines, that's how Iget when snot keeps dripping off my nose as I tap away on the keyboard with no time to wipe my nose off.

ok, you got what you wanted, now gimme my $10Pretty Woman-hooker scores a rich man. done.

Easy Company sucks!Patton- George C. Scott is a hero, or at least that's what this movie tries to say, contrary to what most of the World War II vets in Bastogne (where the Battle of the Bulge happened) would say.

life is like a box of...i need to go to the toilet.Forrest Gump-half wit tells his story while sitting on a park bench. Done.

I'm not gonna faaaaaaa...Fearless-Jeff Bridges survives a plane crash and thinks he's immortal. I'd love to shove him off the edge right there.

welcom to da ghetto, cracker!City of God-One of my favorite movies of all time. This one scene as represented in the poster tells you what's waiting fo you in the gates of the Brazilian ghettos.

the kids take after their dad, ugly.The Family Man- This is a movie i secretly like, despite it's poor reviews and mediocre box office performance. Well, secret's out!

faster...with more intensity!Lost in Translation- Bill Murray's confusion and frustration is written all over his face and basically describes his performance in the movie.

sir wallet mo...Catch Me If You Can-You don't see Leo's face, you don't see Tom's. That's because they're moving so fast and the camera's shutter speed setting was too low.

I lost my keys. Waaaaaaaaha1Crash- This is probably 2005's best movie, but this isn't about the movie. You won't get the image's meaning unless you see the movie all the way through. It's very moving, believe me.

Next week. The Scariest Movie Posters.


Blogger drei said...

why can't filipinos make good posters too? our formula for posters is always the same: dramatic pose of the entire cast. :)

i think titanic and private ryan were good posters, since the posters alone could remind me of what's in the film. :)

2:27 PM


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