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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Anyone Like Spam?

tases great with ice creamWell, it looks like I got rid of my spam problem. But it brought about another one, my comment box dissapeared temporarily. Of course I put all my technical experstise to use figuring the ins and outs of blogger, even modifying the html code of the RSS feed only to figure out that the comment box button on the dashboard interface was unclicked..hah...some genius I am.

All is well. Be good, kids.


Blogger WolfBuckingham said...

It's funny..I wrote a blog piece about Spam too!!

I added your blog to my site too.

I have a quesiton, how do you get so many hits on your site? Is there a trick (or treat) to it?

Happy Halloween!

Let me know.


7:07 AM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

I dont know of any techniques to getting your site any extra hits, I guess. What I do is I just reply to almost all of the people who post comments on my box. Mostly the hits ome from referrals, I guess.

Hey try going to It jelps you track the visits for your site and see where they're coming fom...

5:27 AM


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