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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Vince Vaughan Is The Answer!

I got myself some good lovin' right here daddy so back off!For all those guys who had doubts about themselves and their manhood, those wo tried and tried sooo hard to find love but couldn't, those who are about to lose their faith in the goodness of humanity and have been trodden by the notion that this world only focuses on superficial beauty...I present Vince Vaughan.

Sure, it's just a rumor. And how I would want it to be true! What if Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan are together? The most beautiful 'nice' girl in showbiz with Vince Vaughn?! Everybody's favorite drunk, perverted best friend? Vince? Jeremy from Wedding Crashers? Babaganoosh? (Im doing this with that crazy Vince Vaughn look on my face with the crazy eyes where I lean my neck a little forward while pushing and pulling my hands back and forth to and from my chest,).

I have a confession to make. If this is indeed true. If Jen and Vince are indeed an item, Vince Vaughan will be ny new idol and I will emulate my life to his teachings. (Trivia: How many times did I write Vince Vaughan in this entry/)

Props to Perez Hilton.


Blogger hedbeats said...

To answer your last question, Paul, I'd say you got that post so keyword-optimized that if anyone searched "vince vaugh" on google, your site would be #1.

What the heck?! Forget what I said. Was never good at 'splainin'!

4:33 PM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

heheheh. Thanks. Actually I checked. Nope.

9:25 AM


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