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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Movie Reviews: "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" (2005), "Casshern" (2003)

It was his fault!

I haven't been watching too many movies lately. Just my luck, two of
the last movies I saw sucked monkeyballs.

Dont't you just hate it when you wait for a movie for so long and your
expectations just get blown way larger than the movie can deliver? You
get to see the movie and wish you hadn't heard about it in the first
place, saving you the dissapointment.

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy was a promising sci fi spoof when
it first came out. Reminiscent of the old Monty Python movies,
Hitchhiker's Guide dabbles on obsurd subjects such as bringing towels with you
in case of an alien plot to destroy your planet while exploringmore
serious introspective themes such as the meaning of life. One thing that I
can say about it is that it may be better read (the original Douglas
Adams book
) than seen.

Casshern had all the elements of a great visual feast. The special
effects are groundbreaking and the colors are beautiful...thats just about

Everything else about it reeks of amateurism from the acting to the
unnecessarily slow pacing (in one scene,it took 15 minutes for the mother
of Casshern to know that her son died, a scene that could have been
accomplished in 30 seconds
). Casshern could have been a great film, in all
fairness. The director Kazuaki Kiriya is more of a visual director
obviously, but that doesn't mean he can put a little meat in the story.


Rocketboy's Rating: * (1 out of 5)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a strong feeling HG2G would suck. My instincts were right! Thanks for proving it.
- Franch Black

11:44 AM


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