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Friday, September 02, 2005

My Coolest Evil Sci Fi Movie Characters

Science Fiction is a film genre with a very large scope. From one-dimensional characters overshadowed by tons of special effects to simplistic productions shrouded in mystery, metaphysics and philosophy... Then there are the awesome characters that bring about these fantastic stories about. Sometimes, they may not be the main character, but nonetheless, the movie is better because of them.
So go ahead, take a peek at My Coolest Sci Fi Movie Characters.

nagbebenta po ako ng flourescent lamp, bili na po kayo.
Darth Maul
The baddest, most mysterious Sith Lord of them all. Before getting sliced in half in the engine room of Naboo by Obi Wan Kenobi, he first danced circles around him and Master Qui Gonn Jinn. Played by Martial Arts expert Ray Park, Darth Maul showed us how a real Jedi vs. Sith swordfight should look like. Previously, all we saw were old washed out Jedi's and inexperienced apprentices versus a stiff Darth Vader. He showed us that Sith Lords can jump, twist and somersault and wield a double edged light-saber like Jet Li. Plus his face tatoos and skull horns make him look like a samurai biker from hell.

Lance highly denies being Gay, sometimes I wonder..
Trusting Bishop was a risky thing. In the first Alien movie, the artificial lifeform on board malfunctioned and freaked out on the rest of the crew in space. Bishop is a more improved and more controlled version, however, Ripley still did not trust him until the very end, when, despite his already severed body, he helped Ripley get rid of the feroucious mother alien. I love that scene where he did the knife stabbing-around-the-fingers trick with Bill Paxton's character's hand in the beginning.

Where are my fries!!!!
What do you do when you realize you have become the most powerful being on earth. Tetsuo didn't know what to do.That's why the crap hit the fan. His best friend Kaneda is out both to save him and stop him, but his inferiority in Kaneda's presence makes it a tad hard for him to give that up. So Tetsuo ends up throwing a crapstorm and destroying half of Tokyo in the process. For an anime crafted in 1989, it has superbly detailed graphics and very fluid motion. Akira is an anime classic which has been fanboy fodder for almost 15 years. Can you spell G-E-E-K?

K.I.T.T. was a pansy
HAL 9000
Artificial Intelligence has always been an interesting subject, especially when they start thinking like people. A lot of questions were posed by 2001: A Space Oddysey one of which is that if it is possible if machines can be conscious of their existence. In essence HAL wasn't really evil, he was just watching over himself and achieving his primary objective, which is to finish the Jupiter mission, even if it means killing the rest of the crew in their hibernated state. To get to know HAL 9000 more, click here.

you think dis is a yosi?  Noooooo, dis is not a yosi.  Yosi, yosi,yosi,yosi. Wohoooooo.
The Smoking Man (aka. Cancer Man)
He knows everything, but he won't tell us. His been-there-done that attitude towards all Fox Mulder's conspiracy theories while puffing a Morley's cigarrette is classic. He is, in some ways, teh glue that holds the show together. As long as he is alive, there is hope for the secrets and mysteries of The X Files to be revealed. I guess that won't be a problem since this old geezer's got lungs made out of asbestos.

pull my finger while I stand in front of this flaming cauldron of molten metal!
A bad guy who can shape-shift? How the heck did this guy get beaten? If they just stayed out of that steel mill.

those kids better not find my BigMac stash...
The Velociraptors
In all 3 Jurrasic Park movies they have made their mark as the 'evil' dinosaurs. Fast, cunning and organized, there is a reason why the perfect predators lived in the Jurrassic era. When a cloning experiment for commercial purposes goes awry, everyboy turns into a walking Quarter Pounder in the eyes of these ferouciously efficient beasts of prey.

Yes! We are one and the same!
What 20-something kid during these tiring times doesn't remember the epic battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron? Megatron is your definitive 'tuso' (treacherous MoFo in English). When he takes advantage of a distracted Prime and shoots him with a blaster in a supposed mano y mano fight to the death. Prime' death ushers in a new leader of leadership among the Autobots, but Megatron is left for dead amidst the divided Decepticon ranks, but comes back resurrected much stronger, and much more of a treacherous MoFo!

I love this song...I wanna layyy, you down in a Bed of Roses...
Agent Smith
Agent Smith is easily my favorite Matrix character. Personifying the law upheld in the artificial world, he represents everything official, systematic and protocol driven. He is The Establishment, the Administration, The Government and Big Brother. He is what Jack Black refers to as THE MAN. The one thing that gets in Neo's way of becoming The One.
After becoming a systemic anomaly along with Neo in the far more inferior sequels, he develops the power to copy/paste himself and spam the rest of the Matrix with his version of "Have you ever tried Viagra?"

Darth Vader
Was there any surprise? The most feared creature in the galaxy? The black costume? The creepy breathing noises? His early beginnings as a sweet young slave boy in Tatooine were a far cry from what his destiny was.Conceived by midichlorians, he was a promising young addition to the elite ranks of the Jedi and was destined to be the one to bring balance to the Force. However, because of his strong passionate feelings for the girl-Queen Padme, the murder of his mother, and being an overall jerk, he deviates from this path and chooses a different one. One that will ultimately usher in the best Sci Fi movie trilogy of our time... plus a trilogy of inferior prequels.
George Lucas gave us perhaps the most effective villain in film history but subsequently destroyed it by turning him into a button cute slave boy from Tatooine to an anal teenager-Jedi Padawan.

Runner up:

I think a remake is in order, how about Ewan McGregor?
Alexander 'Alex' de Large
A Clockwork Orange is in essence, a Sci Fi movie, however the treatment was more on the repercussions of raising kids (or not raising them) properly. The antisocial behavior of Alex is classic and deserves special mention. Just don't try it at home, kids


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous sedricke said...

wow. cool cool entry.

and nice new blog look too. can't wait for da vinci too, i daresay? hehe.

5:27 PM

Blogger jowch said...

don't forget Dr. Evil and Mini Me

12:15 AM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

Sedricke: Thanks. DaVinci Code will soon be out and I am cought up in sweet anticipation.

Jowch: No why da heck did I forget THAT. Oo nga no?

Next time gagawa ako ng retrospective reviews, sama ang Austin Powers.

5:52 AM

Blogger jrld said...

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here are the links:

thanks! :)

among my classic favorites includes T-1000 of terminator 2. he was so cool. specially when i first saw the movie way back in 1991. or '92?

3:23 PM

Blogger hedbeats said...

Megatron was never good, wasn't he? I mean all the other villains had their 'issues', but this one, bad to the bone...if he had bones.

Spymac is reformatting so My Hed Beats Bilog is temp'y out of service, in case you were wondering :)

6:16 PM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

jrld: Sure thing Jerald. If you don't mind, I'll create a link for Warchildstudios, too.

hedbeats: You know what? comne to think of it, you're right. There was never any good in that jerk!

5:52 AM

Blogger Radioactive Adobo said...

I saw Clockwork Orange only once. Never saw it again. I suppose it's never for the squeamish and faint of heart (not that I am, being a doctor). I think it's the violence that I couldn't take. This film totally eats into your psyche, man! It's going to haunt you forever.

5:01 PM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

adobo: Yup. I think the idea is to de-sensitize the audience with all the violence so we can sympathize with alex during his 'treatment'. The scene with the eyeball-gouge-braces is a classic!

11:00 AM


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