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Saturday, April 09, 2005

An Idiot's Guide to Contra

I'll be back! -blonde guy

Some months ago I wrote an entry about My Best Family Computer Games. Contra was one of my all time favorites and I considered every playing moment a special treasured memory, especially when I get killed after stage 2 and my pinsan would finish the game all the way through without losing life. We finally figured out how to get 30 lives and game play was never the same. I still recall fantasizing about a Contra movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the blonde guy and Sylvester Stallone as the guy with the dark hair.
Anyway, to those of you who played(and actually finished the game) here's a hilarious guide to thr world of Contra.

gulong, itlog, gulong!

Props to Mike of


Blogger Sedricke said...

saya nga nyan! saka astig ng movie projection mo a! hehe. bata pa lang movies na trip. ayus! :D

8:57 PM

Anonymous ~tin~ said...

your article brought tears to my eyes. *sigh* those were the days. contra was one of my favorite familycomp games.

tuwang tuwa ako pag nakakuha ako ng "S" kasi pinakagusto kong baril yun e. lahat patay. lol.

7:14 PM

Blogger drei said...

sa listahan mo goonies lang di ko nalaro! :D

actually, my friends and i call the characters of Contra as Rambo and Commando, who in films were played by Sylvester and Arnold.

1:02 PM


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