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Friday, February 25, 2005

Some personal stuff...

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo recently visited our little office in the corner of Ayala and Paseo yesterday. As I was quietly sitting in my little workstation near a window overlooking the great view of a giant wall of the Insular Life building, I was approached by one of my Supervisors, asking a favor...

"Will you be willing for the President to listen to one of your calls?"

To which, I answered, "Uhhhhh".

"Ok I will arrange for them to barge in to one of your calls, ok?"


"Thanks, Jacob."

"Uhhh, your welcome."

So I braced myself for my potential five minutes of fame, or infamy, depending on when my stomach decides to unleash its fury, either into the men's toilet, or the Madam President's blue buisness suit.

Some of our team managers called a meeting for all those chosen to have a little 'chat' with the President. he gave us instructions on what to say and advised us to be relaxed and to be as natural as possible (which is probably not a good idea considering how me and my co-workers behave). He also asked if there were any of us who had political opinions not favorable of the President to shove them in and keep them to ourselves while she was here. Which was easy, considering there were 50 armed men in her entourage.

So at around 11:50 she arrived and looked around. I braced myself, trying to act cool. She, and a 3 dozen floor managers, security outfits and press people, walked past me and my other friends and approached another agent for another client, sat with her and listened to her call. I don't think the agent was briefed. She seemed calm all throughout. It was probably a good three minutes when the President decided to go ahead and and, while talking to our President, walk into the lobby and descend into the elevators. Her visit was done.

Ok so I never got to talk to her, let alone shake her hand. It's not like I never have.

She gave my my diploma on my college graduation.

Happy EDSA!!!


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