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Friday, October 14, 2005

My Most Memorable Movie Posters 2: The Funny Posters

Hello again. As promised, here is my next batch of favorite movie posters. Usually, the funny posters don't mean that the movie is too, but I get a kick out of these ones anytime.

para sa puting walang kakupas-kupasFight Club teaser- The wit of the movie is reflected on the quote on the poster. (note: does not apply to white shirts and cotton pants. Believe me. I've tried.)

is that the tower of Pisa on your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo-If the MTRCB actually got the innuendo, I don't think they'd allow a 100 foot billboard of this image posted along EDSA.

Hey Johnny, where's da light?Saturday Night Fever-John Travolta is still the man. Look at that chin. The chesthair. Even the girl dancing with him can't keep up. He's just miles too cool from anyone else in the room. (I'm currently striking the pose as we speak, with matching bullet-ricochet sound effects, to the bewilderment of my officemates. I think they're emailing HR right now.)

you have been warned!Sorority Boys-LOL! This is by far. The funniest movie poster I have ever seen. I remember actuallly lauging out loud as I put my face 6 inches away from this poster in a mall somewhere.

Cool is an understatementThe 40 Year Old Virgin- Come on, admit it. You snickered just a bit when you saw this poster for the first time. Well, that's why its here.

Bush likes his girls big, hairy and smelling like burgers Farenheit 9/11-the defining moment of glory for Photoshop artists.

is that Boy Bawang on your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?Bagets 2-It's inevitable that they will be remaking this movie with young actors for the new millenium. I would rather see the original cast do a reunion as middle-aged, middle class office workers or med-reps with teenage kids and beer bellies. Here's another chance for you to see them as homo erotic teen idols in tight tight shorts before they either became politicians or washed out drug addicts (or both?).

More to come next week..

Props to for the posters.


Blogger Mojotek said...

I remember doing a double take on the Sorority Boys poster too... {shivers}

9:23 PM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

The movie may not be that funny, but the poster is a riot!!!

5:55 AM


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