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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My Most Memorable Movie Posters 4: The Scary Posters

Halloween is fast approaching and I won't be at work or will I be near any computer for the next few days, so I give you this year's halloween bonanza; The Scariest Movie Posters.

Keep an extra pair of pants near! Mwahahahahahahaha!

Ariel: Not good with bloodstainsA Tale of Two Sisters- Aagh blood! Blood on a white dress is always scary. So is blood on water (if you happen to be standing next to a girl on her you-know-what in a public pool). Astrovision has toned down versions of this poster with the blood somewhat resembling chocolate stains.

wow, that's a big dolphin...Jaws-The first summer hit in history gets double billing this time around. I bet he got attracted to the blood leaking from the girl since she decided to swim in the buff. Yeechh!

Family First now goes door-to-doorThe Exorcist- Probably the scariest movie of all time, The Exorcist's poster gives you the eerie feeling of things to come once Father Merrin gets in the house.

mmmmmph mmmphSilence of The Lambs-the moth in the mouth just adds to the scariness of Anthony Hopkins' eyes.

Kleenex needs a new modelBlair Witch Project-To what can we attribute the movie's appeal? Was it's relative anonymity the reason?, the unconventional camera work? One thing's for sure, it's defineitely not the shot where snot was dribbling out Heather Donahue's nose!

Visine needs a new modelThe Jacket- Although not a horror movie, the poster for The Jacket lends a lot of its synaptic psychotic appeal to the weirdness-hungry audience.

Caronia needs a new modelSaw- Morbidness meets chic (whoever owned this leg really needed a pedicure). This poster never reached our shores for obvious reasons.

sleep baby, sleep. sleep baby, sleep.Three- This has got to be the freakiest most disturbing poster For a horror movie I have ever seen.

sometimes,words are not enough...A Dirty Shame-Not a horror movie also, just creepy. Just looking at Tracy Ullman gives me the shivers. And Selma Blair? Mercy be upon us all!

Have a great Halloween, all!!


Blogger Radioactive Adobo said...

Cheers, Rocketboy for these great entries!

11:34 AM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

Thanks Adobo. Sorry I haven't been able to update lately. They just banned blogger from the office. Heh, Figures!

10:20 PM


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