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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bono Gets Nominated

Bono loves youBono is da man! Bloomberg News reports that he and Bob Geldof (co Live8 organizer) are, or may be in the secret 199 nominees for this year's Nobel peace Prize. Bono is also said to have a 6 in 1 chance to get the prestigious award. Talk agout great odds.

I've said it before, Bono is more than a rockstar, he's more than just a cool cat in shades. He's one of the few privileged success stories in recent rock history who really give a rat's tail about the world we live in and not just whine about it. The Bono from the '80's "With or Without You" is in many ways, different from the 'Vertigo' Bono we know now, well, for the most part, he's got more bling than 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg put together, but more because he' has grown wise and knows his place in the world.

Sorry, I'm not in the mood to bash any movies today, I've had a fairly pleasant weekend. Heheheh.

Props to What Would Tyler Durden Do?


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