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Friday, April 01, 2005

Rocketboy is 28 Years Old!!!

watch me pee in my jumpers!!!--Rocketboy

And I don't feel any older

They say that, in space, you age slower because of your relative distance to the sun and the absence of the reckoning of time. For me, it's just because I'm "isip-bata."


Blogger advent said...

Ello! belated!
Can I link you up? :)


2:16 PM

Anonymous cristi said...

hey, paul! happy birthday and i hope you enjoy the next twelve months of 28!

11:29 PM

Blogger jegs said...

hbd! keep rocking!

8:39 PM

Blogger de Villa said...

Dude, cool photo. Where you get it? Oh yeah happy bday!

2:59 PM


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