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Saturday, April 30, 2005

My Top British B-List Actors

I'm in a 'British phase' right now. We have seen a lot of British actors in our favorite movies, sometimes we don't even realize they're British. There are a lot of A-list British talent out there for producers to fight over, but this is not about them. Forget about Jude Law, Orlando Bloom and all those pretty boys (sorry headbeats!). Lets look at the real Englishmen with proper manners and bad teeth, whose definition of chivalry is to not bash your head in if you get in their way, or , at least, warn you that they are going to pass gas before they actually do. Anyhoo, here they are.

like 'dem glasses?Daniel Craig- He was Tom Hanks' incompetent brother in The Road to Perdition and Adrien Brody's confiding best friend in The Jacket. I am absolutely convinced that this guy is gonna be the next british action/drama star. But for now you can check him out in smaller projects such as the critically-acclaimed Layer Cake.

is this the set?Cillian Murphy- I am not very familiar with his early indie work, but he definitely kicked major tail in 28 Days later.

Hey, gimme a project or I'll choke you.Rhys Ifans- Everybody knows him as Spike. The kooky roommate in Notting Hill. He's been in many different supporting roles like the one as the devil's son in Little Nicky, but we haven't seen him that much these past few years. Hope he gets a good project soon. This guy is uber talented.

I'm afraid, It's all about the money nowClive Owen- Okay, okay. I know he's an A-lister now because of King Arthur and Closer. but Clive was a very effective leading men in many unpopular flicks like Beyond Borders and very impactful in The Bourne Identity (Ha! Betcha didn't notice. He was the Treadstone hitman who got shot in the last part of the movie). This guy has long paid his dues and is deserving of his popularity.

I oughta teach that Daniel Radcliffe a lesson, that fag..Simon Pegg- Anyone who's seen Shaun of The Dead will tell you that, in order to enjoy it, you shouldn't take it too seriously. Pegg is the catalyst that makes this movie enjoyable despite it's obsurdity. I hope that this guy will continue to make the same intelligently funny dumbed-down (I hope that makes sense to you) indie flicks in the future.

hunting is fun to do, fun to do, fun to do...Jason Statham- No one can be any badder than this cat was in The Transporter. He was also the cool cat Turkish in Snatch. From his cameo in Collateral to his character as second banana in The Italian Job and lead villain in Cellular, this guy definitely has the chops to be a true action hero.

which eye do you want to lose....too late, I've made my choice.Vinnie Jones- This is one guy you do not want to mess with in a bar fight. He's the type of dude that eats bullets for breakfast. His characters range from humorous to just plain sadistic. Plus, Bullet Tooth Tony is the collest name any gangster can have. He will next be seen in Survive Style +5.

Ronan who?Ricky Gervais-Ever seen those MTV station IDs where this record shop owner comes over to Ronan Keating and starts to sing Backstreet Boys songs and Ronan embarissingly points out that he's not a member of the Backstreet Boys and starts to sing his Boyzone hits, and the guy doesn't recognize them and says "You should listen to the Backstreet Boys, they're a top band". That's Ricky Gervais. Nuff said.


Blogger Sedricke said...

those people are soon becoming a listers. hehehe. really talented. not to mention daniel craig and clive owen are pegged for the bond role. let's just see.

10:34 PM

Anonymous aleq said...

it's just so odd why most of the british men and women have dirty teeth. (hope no one get's mad at me, just an observation) peace! :-)

1:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just realized that the men that you posted are some of my faves. ive been watching them in hallmark and some obscure cinemax british movies. b-actors lang pala sila and all the while i thought thet were superstars in Britain.hehehehe-hundun

3:12 PM

Blogger monsterboy said...

cool list. love brit actors and actresses.

among your list, it's cillian murphy and clive owen. but they're a-list actors na e.

want a-list brits? gosford park is your cup of tea. ;)

10:05 AM

Anonymous an anon mousie said...

Hello there from 2011 ! I found this blog googling for "Daniel Craig wearing glasses" due to deciding to save time & combine two of my fetishes (TMI I know) and was quite impressed with your SPOT-ON prediction that "I am absolutely convinced that [Craig] is gonna be the next british action/drama star."

Well done!! Months before he was cast as Bond, even.

So just writing in with the benefit of hindsight to congratulate you and thank you for providing the lovely pic of Daniel Craig wearing glasses. Mmmmm.

2:50 PM


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