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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Straight Eye For The Queer Guy

male bonding at it's best?
I have been paying close attention to some sitcoms and reality TV shows recently, but nothing has caught the attention of everyone else in he house including myself more than the makeover-reality show Queer Eye For The Staight Guy.

Anyone who's been watching ETC definitely knows who the Fab Five are. What they do is they are assigned a guy each episode to completely transform from a slob to someone who is a uhh, well, not a slob. They do the guy's hair, fix his house, teach him manners and buy him a new Hugo Boss suit and then suddenly he turns into this metrosexual version of himself which his girlfriend loves better than the old slob of a man that he was before. Nice huh.
I can't deny that the show is really a great watch. You actually get to know a lot in such a small period of time you litterally have to take down notes. I especially like the tips on how to hang your clothes and all of that trivial stuff 'cause I've tried some of it. And they actually work. I also appreciate the level of culture these guys have and are able to share to the audience though their makovers. The popularity of this show is indeed well deserved.

I do have one comment.

Pampanga has a lot of homosexuals and is a haven for the close encounters of the third kind. And I have been seeing them on the street, in school, in the malls and in some occasions, in church since I was little. However, despite all this exposure, I am proud to call myself a straight guy. I also do not deny the fact that, just like any other straight guy, have homophobic tendencies. What does all of this have to do with anything?

Queer Eye kind of gives you the vibe that only Gay people know fashion, ettiquette and culture. Culture and Grooming have always been equated as very effeminate characteristics, so therefore, If you were to ask a person who is not a woman about such things,you would have to ask a "gay guy" since they are more in touch with their feminine side. This is the impression that I get.
Don't straight guys know stuff like this too. I know for a fact that some, no, most of the stuff I see in "Queer Eye.." I had already encountered with some guys I know that are straight. My brother knows a lot on how you can take care of your clothes from rainwater and how to use Lysol and stuff. And I know for a fact that he is NOT gay. You see, straight people, yes, straight GUYS also know about culture, ettiquette and grooming, not all do, I can give you that. But I know a lot of guys who are aesthetically talented but are not gay. What exactly is a "Queer Eye", anyway? Do you have to be gay to have an eye for aesthetic? I know "Aesthetically Inclined Eye for the Straight Guy" is not exacly a catchy title, but does being aesthetically inclined have to be equated with being gay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sabi mo nga, on aesthetics, it's assigned to the females. and when u deal with it, are good in it, then effeminate ka o mas usual eh bakla ka. sad but true. *sigh*

in this macho world, most anything that has been historically passed on as "woman's burden," is a no-no for the "MAN".. bah...i pity you. how can you live pala kung walang babae? and to think na you wouldn't want na pag isipan kayong effeminate... *sigh* *sigh* tsk..kawawa...

6:12 PM


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