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Saturday, October 08, 2005

My Most Memorable Movie Posters: The Classic Posters

One of the few simple wishes I had as a child was to be able to decorate my bedroom with movie posters. Just movie posters. As a teen, I still wasn't able to get a single poster on my wall, When I was in college, my brother was able to stash some posters home from his job at a video store. For some reason, I never got to posting them up my wall. Now that I am in my late 20's and simply have no time for such 'childish' things ( I do still have time to check out the toys section in SM), I still don't have movie posters in my room.

Now before I go to bed in my jammies have my mom read me Curious George to get me to sleep, I just wanted to share the rest of you more socially adjusted folks what I would have posted on my wall If I had the chance and the funds. For the rest of October, I'm gonna post a series of memorable movie posters on my blog for you to look at, comment on, or just simply ignore. Most of these posters are hard to find, especially the classic ones. So If you have an industrial size printer and a gallon of red yellow and blue printer toner, you're in luck.

Anyhoo, here are my favorite Classic Movie Posters. Just click on the thumbnails for the full images.

dont be a squarePulp Fiction- Although Pulp Fiction is a relatively 'new' movie, it has elevated to cult status in such a short time that it is now considered a classic. Sure Uma is butt ugly in the movie as Mia Wallace, but who can't forget that image her doing the v fingers across her eyes while dancing with Travolta.

the token woman about to be killed at the beginning of the movieJaws-This image reminds me of why a lot of people are so chicken when it comes to swimming towards the deeper side of the beach. I was never afraid of the water. Of course I was spending most of the time in the beach checking out chicks.

my uncle Al PacinoSerpico- Astig! Would be the word we're looking for when referring to Al pacino's character as an honest but tough cop in Serpico.

it's whoopass timeSeven Samurai- One of my top five movies of all time as the coolest poster/DVD cover. Its funny how Toshihiro Mifune looks like he's leading the pack despite the fact that he was the weakest in the group.

mine all mine all mineCitizen Kane-If there was an image that says capitalism more than nay other, it would be This poster for what is touted to be the best film in the world.

ooh, I like that!One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest- No one does wacko better than Jacko. He establishes in this poster his character in the movie. Or he might just be enjoying being poked in the backside with a broomstick.

Coolness defined!The Godfather- No pictures needed. No tag lines necessary. Just the title. Boom.

It doesn't end here, I've got more next week.


Blogger Sedricke said...

hahaha inggit ako. gagawa rin ako ng ganito :D

11:38 AM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

sige. lets compare notes...

9:26 AM

Anonymous aleq said...

hey rocket...ako meron nang one flew...hehehe....

5:31 PM

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