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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

"2001: A Space Oddysey" Explained

Projected Uniforms of Electricians of Meralco in 2001: did not materializeLet me just say that I think that despite all the comments about Stanley Kubrick having the tendnecy to remake movies using his own vision independent of the source material, him being obsessive compulsive and just difficult to work with, I still think he was one of the best directors of all time. 2001: A Space Oddysey is probably my favorite movie of all time, and It also doesn't mean I understand it completely. The mystery and speculation surrounding this enigmatic masterpiece is legendary. Plus, it has the best special effects you can ever see in any film (considering the fact that it was first shown in 1968).
I came across a Flash site that attempts to explain the underlying interpretations of this confusing but beautiful film. Stanley Kubrick does not have the habit of explaining his works, which I believe is a very healthy practice. He allows his audience to interpret the movie as they see fit. I found the site to be very informative and very beneficial to my overall appreciation to the film. I even sent them an email with my opinions. To check ou this flash site click here to go to

I advise you to see the movie first, that is if you haven't seen it yet.

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Blogger hedbeats said...

Speaking of Kubrick, I was at PowerBooks this morning and there was this huuuge ass book about his films. You've probably seen it: red and weighing about a million pounds. I wasn't surprised it costs Php12K++.

8:29 PM

Anonymous pimpstar said...

i remember stanley kubrick best thru full metal jacket.

i still get a kick out of the me-so-horny and me-love-you-long-time-baby part to this day...

1:31 AM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

Hedbeats: Yes I saw it. Can't remember leafing through it though. I've probably seen all the documentaries on Kubrick. I wouldn't exactly shell out 12k for it.

Pimpstar: LoL!! Yup. I remember that scene. My favorite parts are the ones with R Lee Ermey (the Drill Sargeant).

6:45 AM

Blogger Radioactive Adobo said...

Of course the best trivia about this film was how extraordinarily similar (accurate?) the surface of the moon was as compared to photos of the real thing.

Recall that man landed on the moon a year after SPACE ODYSSEY came out. How did the production designers come up with such a visual image of the moon?

Alas, this is only one of the many mysteries that shrouds Kubrick which we'd probably never know!

11:53 AM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

Adobo: Right you are. People who watch it nowadays rarely appreciate the quality of the SF this film had for it's time. Amazing talaga, seamless kahit models and strings lang.

About the moon being very acuratelly represented and simulated...kinda makes you think if the Neil Armstrong footage (one small step for man...)was actually shot in the moon's surface. Hmmmmm. Now that's a totally different story.

6:07 AM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous aleq said...

Another interesting site is
showing all reviews and interpretations on Kubrick's films. He was a genius that's why I adore him.

1:45 PM

Blogger Radioactive Adobo said...

Oh dear. you've got spammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:35 PM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

Adobo: Yeah, tell me about it...

5:49 AM

Anonymous 2001: A Space Odyssey said...

All in all, one of the best films made to date and one of the very best science fiction films made. A personal favorite. Everyone must see this film at least once.

9:40 PM


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