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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Some Quick Updates...

Stone Stoned...

Next Movie: Harold and Kumar Go To The White HouseAfter the suckie Alexander, it looks like Oliver Stone just can't get a break...
The acclaimed Platoon and Natural Born Killers director pleaded no contest to possesion of marijuana while driving as he pulled over a police checkpoint last July 29th. He was fined $100.

Haley Joel Osment Takes over as Indiana Jones

The next great Macaulay CulkinAfter Harrison Ford finally retires the Hat and Whip, it is reported that Sixth Sense acting prodigy Haley Joel Osment will take over as the young Indy. He is 17 years old now and is at the right age to be the young swashbuckling archaeologist.
I don't know what's going on with George Lucas, but his prequel asphyxiation has got to stop!!!

Julia Roberts To Quit Movies?

Indiana Jones? Ha! Try getting these two out of your crotch!Aside from some voice work for animated features like Charlotte's Web, we don't see much of Julia Roberts lately. Well yes, that's because she's a full fledged mom now, but reports say she's gonna be doing it full time and won't be looking back.
If this is true, we will be losing one of the best Hollywood actresses out there. Julia Roberts isn't just a pretty face, she's got real talent, which is rare among todays anorexic, botox-pumped bevy of so-called movie stars.

Ok I'm out...

Props to KFCCinema and the MovieBlog.


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