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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Da Vinci Code On Set Pics!!

I'm gonna kill that barber!
Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon. Nice.

The Da Vinci Code is nigh. Christ is coming.
After the critical and commercial success of A Beautiful Mind, it seemed like Ron Howard was pegged for another commercial and critical tour-de-force for his take on Dan Brown's The Da Vinci code. However, fate was not very good to his last effort The Cinderella Man, which, despite rave reviews still bombed at the box office because some marketing geniuses decided to release it (it was, indeed overdue) in the summer along with the the action and special effects blockbusters. I don't think it will dampen The Da Vinci Code's chances for greatness though. It looks promising being in the hands of Howard and screenwriter Akiva Goldsmith.

I need to read the book, now.

I'm gonna do it now.  But I need to go to the bathroom first...

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Blogger Sedricke said...

read the book. you'll then realize that you cannot possibly visualize tom hanks in the role. i'm still not happy with that decision, actually.

10:47 AM


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