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Sunday, April 23, 2006

"" Is Now Up

A little promotional work never hurt anyone...

Hi, Rocketboy here. Just wanted to tell you guys that is now forwarding to your favorite (or least favorite) movie blog (hey, eitherway, I get the hits).

Plus, I am experimenting on a little project called the rocketboy videoblog. Now, since I'm a regular visitor of video sites like ABum and Spiked Humor, I figured I should cash in and join the bandwagon, 'cause...I sell out very easily that way.

Just go to for your fix of old funny commercials, funny political satire, and guys getting hit in the nuts.


Blogger drei said...

wow big time!! my fave blog is now an official website!! =D

greetings from the shores of boracay!!

2:33 PM

Blogger hedbeats said...

well, waddyaknow, you finally bought a domain name after selling them all this time. congrats, paul. did you get a discount?

9:22 AM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

Thanks Drei. Lucky guy.

Headbeats. No, I didn't buy the domain. Us Tech Guys (hosting) get em for free.. heheheheh. We get hosting webspace and FTP accounts too..

4:31 AM

Blogger hedbeats said...

E papano if someone wants to buy that domain name? It's a lost sale na?

1:50 PM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

One of the reps actually got a saleable domain and plans to sell it. Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky. Check out who owns it in whois, you might remember who it is.

4:06 AM

Blogger hedbeats said...

Homaygaz, cyber squatting ha! Adrian Custodia? Yeah, I remember this feller. One of the stats giants.

10:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

lucky bastard...
BTW, nice reviews man. just dropping by to say hi to my favorite guitar player... (hows the ibanez?) -- jam perhaps?

beyond nine planets

9:11 AM


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