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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Transformers Movie is Cast

Some news from the Transformers Movie franchise front.

John Voight, Michael Clarke Duncan, Bernie Mac, John Turturro among others are, according to Cinematical some of the actors chosen to be in the new Transformers movie. Now it isn't entirely clear if the will be 'acting' in the movie or if the will be supplying the voices or doing motion-capture or green screen acting or what not, but the actors in the list doesnt really look the part IMO. Bernie Mac? He could do a good voice, I don't see anything special about John Voight or John Turturro's voice, (maybe they will be acting in it as live people, Spike, perhaps?). I can completely see Michael Clarke Duncan as a voice for let's say Grimlock or Ironhide. No news on George Clooney being Optimus Prime anywhere here like in older posts...but I say give Lance Henriksen a job because only he, IMO, can be the voice of Prime.

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