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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Gig Review: "Jars of Clay: Show You Love" (Araneta Coliseum, March 2 2005 8pm)

When I was still a missionary, we were only allowed to listen to religious songs. Being a fan of contemporary rock music, it was difficult for me. Jars of Clay made it easier. They perfectly blended religious cool and rock verve without being pretentious or preachy. They are proof that it rocks to be Christian.
I arrived in the middle of Barbie's Cradle's set, which in itself was pretty lively and really worked the audience. Once the white boys came in, the crowd cheered praises and hallelujas while flashing the Il Cornuto hand symbol.
The highlights were of course Love Song for a Savior, You were There, Crazy Times, Worlds Apart and the eponymous Flood. Some dude stood in for David Haseltine for Unforgetful You. He may not have been a good singer, but he got cheers from the crowd when he whipped out a rock for his girlfriend and popped the question in front of Haseltine and the rest of the band and the 3,000 in attendance. Smart strategy. If he would have proposed at some rinky dink restaurant with a voice like that, the girl might have told him to shove that ring elsewhere.
The highlight of the show was the final song Tea and Sympathy. Cellphone backlights flooded the Araneta arena as they sang their finale. The perfect end to a perfect show. You can actually feel that they enjoyed playing their set. With a set that was not too long like the last Martin Nievera Concert series and not too short like the Incubus show, you couldn't go wrong with the Jars of Clay gig. Good clean fun while you rock the spirit off your socks!


Anonymous ~tin~ said...

first of all: you go, rocketboy! only you can go to 2 gigs like that after 7 hours of taking calls.... lagari ito. taas kamay ko sayo. lol.

now i'm regretting to have missed JOC. =( i was having seconds thoughts of going and decided the last minute to not go nalang. tsk, sayang. sounds fun pa naman.

anyways, i'm glad you were able to go to the much awaited myung gig.

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