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Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Special Valentine Girls Part 2: The Asian Invasion

Here's part 2 of my valentine girls series. Enjoy.

Chiaki Kuriyama

Who could ever forget Go Go Yubari? That feisty little sadistic schoolgirl/bodyguard in KillBill Vol. 1. Althouhgh already established as a J-pop idol since her early teens, she has become the fantasy of many a fanboy accross the world.
Sweet and innocent looking, set she kan stab you in the kidneys whithout hesitating, getting all your blood to spurt out on her like a street kid on broken pipe in a Manila sidewalk.


More pics here, here and here.

Jun Ji Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun earned worldwide popularity for being the boyfriend-abusive girlfriend with a lot of inner pain in My Sassy Girl. A complicated story told in a simple format...a romantic comedy. her popularity continues to skyrocket as a commercial model for stuff such as makeup to cupcakes to digital cameras. But she will always be 'sassy girl' to millions and millions of fans and to millions more lovestruck boys.

More pics here, here and here.

Lee Na Young

If you have seen Please Teach Me English, you'll know who Lee Na Young is. Although almost unrecognizable as the nerdy public servant with horn-rimmed glasses and bangs in "Please Teach Me..." (check out pic number 3) Her gorgeous eyes give her away as the more popular commercial model for Laneige, a Korean cosmetics company. What's cool about Korea is that their actors can act, and so can their commercial models.

More pics here, here and here.

Cecilia Cheung

She made my eyes wet with tears in Failan. Because of her I fear death more now than I did before. Maybe because I'm getting old too. Your heart would break if you saw a face like that and knew she was gonna die.

More pics here, here and here.

Aya Ueto

Another a**kicking, high flying samurai wielding chick. She was awesome as the samurai warrior Azumi and was squally stunning and fierce in Azumi2: Death or Love where she shared the screen with Chiaki Kuriyama. What is it about hese japanese chicks that makes them so cute?

More pics here, here and here.

Vicki Zhao

Vicki Zhao is that younger sister of Shu Qi in So Close, another movie full of asian eye candy. What makes her so unique is her eyes. Very rare for chinese to have large eyes like hers and almost gives her an western like quality. I didn't like So Close that much...well, it was ok at best, but I could stare at Vicky Zhao all day even if she were just a video of her sleeping for 8 hours straight.

More pics here, here and here.

More to come my babies....


Anonymous ~tin~ said...

oooh.. i like vicki zhao too...especially in shaolin soccer.

9:54 PM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

I loved whe a film critic said once when he reviewed Shaolin Soccer:

"..Here is where I talk about Vicki Zhao Wei and how great and beautiful she is, but can't... because the mere thought of her ruins my pants..."

hahah ROFL!!

5:13 AM

Anonymous ~tin~ said...

hehehehe. that's a good one!

2:35 AM


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