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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Johhny Depp as the Joker?

too cool for the riddlerRumors have been flying around that, in the next Batman movie, The much coveted role of The Joker will be played by a 'big time'actor. Speculations have been flying around as to who wil be playing the psychotic prankster.

"Let's just say he has a major film coming out this summer and it's a sequel to one of his bigger hits. In fact, his performance in the first movie was nominated for an Oscar. Yes, they are looking at HIM if he is available for the role..."

That pretty much narrows it down. Now, I'd like to see Johnny in makeup and a purple pinstripe suit (wait, didn't we just see him like that on Willie Wonka?), but I was thinking of the Joker more along the lines of that creepy thin guy from Charlie's Angels, you know...Crispin Glover?

What do you think?

Props to TheMovieBlog.


Anonymous gogo_yubari said...

If he'll be Joker, It'll drive me crazy. :)

9:40 AM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

Yah. I can seee that, since you loved the Chocolate Factory.

4:37 AM


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