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Monday, December 19, 2005

More Updates Before Christmas...

The Da Vinci Code Trailer

the hair alone will get this guy another oscarI have been excited about this movie ever since I haven't read the book...and I still havent read the book, and what a loser Im am.

The trailer looks gorgeous. Tom Hanks is skinny and Audrey Tatou is hot, hot, hot.

Click here to view or save the trailer.

Lady In The Water Trailer

hair or no hair, this guy is coolM. Night Shyamalan's movies as of late have been real dissapointments, but I I always curl in positive anticipation whenever a new movie of his comes out. The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable are two of my most favorite movies of all time. Lady in the Water stars my man Paul Giamatti with Bryce Dallas Howard, the blind girl from The Village, as the mysterious nymph in his pool.

Click here to view or save the trailer

Straight Men can enjoy Brokeback Mountain

What it takes to get me to watch two gay cowboys make outI don't hear anything but rave reviews for the latest Ang Lee movie Brokeback Mountain, otherwise known as That Gay Cowboy Movie. I have expressed before that I'm just not fond of the gay-themed genre. I'm just not comfortable seeing two guys make out and doing Who Knows What Else! But that didn't stop me from seeing Pusang Gala, which I thought was excellent because it didn't dwell in the gay theme. The same, I heard, can be said about Brokeback Mountain. there is about 1 minute of male making-out in the entire film, which is always a good cue to get popcorn or go wee wee.

Cllick here to go to The Straight Dude’s Guide To ‘Brokeback’


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