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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

X-Men Pics Online, Rocky 6 Pics, too.

Raaaarr!!We know X Men 3 has been getting a lot of backlash from the production decisions being made by the studio. From the departure of Brian Singer and the hiring of Brett Rattner (Rush Hour)as the movie's director to the axing of my favorite X-men character, Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming), the decisions being made by the studio just keps the fans angry and the general populace more and more disinterested.

This just in a few hours ago. Pictures of Beast on X Men 3 surfaced on USA Today before they released the teaser trailer. Frasier's Kelsey Grammer will play the blue skinned intellectual monster. How cool is that? There are a few pictures of Angel in the mix too.
I'm still not convinced though, It will take a monumental effort in the director's side to gain back the fans' trust with the new movie.

Sly is doing a ForemanOh if any of you still Remember Rocky, here is a shot from the currently filming Rocky 6. Sly Stallone must really be needing to bring back his glory days, I heard he's making a Rambo sequel too. Oh boy, what people would do for the green...

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Blogger hedbeats said...

I don't quite know what to think of Brett Ratner's X-Men although he does have his own interesting 'look'.

10:15 PM

Anonymous sedricke said...

naku, cant wait for it. for x3, that is.

10:41 PM

Anonymous DJ Field said...

Dude, the director doesnt have to do shit to appease the xmen fanboys. He only cares that 'normal people' - who in my opinion outnumbers xmen fanboys - enjoy the film and makes lots of money.
As for the 'general populace' I think your getting them mixed up or your definition is wrong. I've informed my officemates, friends and family (whom I consider 'general populace' and knows very little about Xmen history) about Xmen 3. All have said "They can't wait to see it." When told about the director and a few character changes/additions. All have said "Why do I care? As long as Wolverine is there and the movie kicks arse I'm happy"

Considering myself a fan of the xmen film and part of the general populace, I honestly can't wait to see the movie. Despite the changes they have done.

My 2 cents

12:03 PM

Blogger jowch said...

wrong move si stallone... kasi if this thing flops... patay na talaga career niya, kasi lampas na niya ang peak level niya as an actor...

kasi nga diba, if you reach the peak of your success... yun na yung perfect time to retire and pass it on to someone else.

2:43 AM


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