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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Movie Preview: "Fearless", Jet Li's Last?

You can't stop me from quitting, I wanna do dramaJet Li is the best thing that has happened to Martial Arts Cinema since Bruce Lee. (Now I know a lot of you are thinking "How about Jacky Chan, you idiot", but Jacky is in a totally different genre, more of a physical comedian than a true Martial Arts exhibitionist in my opinion. But he IS a legend, of course). Now, it is being said that his new martial Arts epic Fearless, will be his last...martial arts epic flick, that is. He never said he would quit movies altogether, lemme just clear that up. Now, you hear a lot of actors say, "oh this is going to be my last movie," or "I'm gonna quit showbiz after this" or some other crap like that. But there is a certain sincerity in Jet Li. Being a well-centered family man, his work ethic will tell you more that he is actually serious about this statement. If that is the case, we will be missing one of action cinema's most treasured sons. I wonder if a $20 million can change his mind? better check out that old bank account and call Harvey Weinstein....

Click here for the trailer for Fearless plus a TON of promo footage, plus clips of Jet when he was young, wrestler Nathan Jones and Yuen Wu Ping doing choreogaphy. If you understand chinese, tell me what's going on please....


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