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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I Got Listed!

I hire someone every month to buff this thing.
Nobody had been posting in my blog the past few days. This kind of bummed me out during my shift, then just like any egotistical web blog guy I googled my name just to find out where and how my blog would be indexed.
Imagine my surprise when I found out that my blog was in a list made by Cosmopoetica listing websites containing a collection of 2004 best and worst movie lists. It had somewhere in the middle in the list My 2004 Top Ten Best Movies!!
Sure it's not exactly the Pulitzer, but among my "illustrious" group-mates are AFI Movies, Newsweek, The Detroit News, San Diego Film Critics, Rotten Tomatoes and somebody called uh,Roger Ebert.



Anonymous Arthur said...

hey jacob, your blogsite is very informative and interesting to read. I'm learning a lot.


2:25 PM

Blogger Sedricke said...

well u deserve it man. if i cud comment on all those entries down there that i missed reading i would. hehe!

3:31 PM

Blogger jegs said...

coolness. i actually linked up ur blog in my page as "movie updates", not entirely appropriate, but that's just d way i see it :)

8:12 PM

Blogger drei said...

dude i missed your blog!! wala na kasing internet sa new work ko. hehe!

well congrats on the listing! wohooo! =D

6:45 PM


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