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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

MAGPAKAILANMAN: "The ( insert oscar nominated movie character here) story"

Noticed anything strange about the latest Oscar nominated movies
The Aviator, Ray,and Finding Neverland ?

Not only are these films mediocre at best (sorry na lang sa mga mag o-opose) but they all deal with the most used up film formula in the book, the True-to-Life story of a celebrity.
Sure it would be interesting to see the film adaptation of some celebrities and public figures. But Hollywood is obviously running out of ideas and celebrities to adapt.

Howard Hughes was interesting and mysterious and real life, but aside from his obsessive-compulsive behavior, he's nothing more than Richie Rich minus the equally annoying Macaulay Culkin.
Ray? Sure, he was blind and could play the piano well, but his life story was no different from those black superstars from the 1950s with all the women and heroin. In fact, compared this movie to the Tina Turner biopic What's Love Got To Do With It all you get is a clone with, at least, a great impression of Ray Charles by Jamie Foxx, but not really a great acting performance.
Very few people knew who J. M. Barrie was and that he wrote the infamous Peter Pan. But the author-and-his imagination-turning-real bit was already done a long time ago. Hello..."Shakespeare In Love"? (actually check this other film out called
George Lucas in Love
. It essentially has the same plot as Shakespeare..., only we can relate to it more as that it has George Lucas' story as he got the ideas to create Star Wars. I'd be very interested to get the DVD if I could get the chance.)

OI could think the more appropriate titles of these movies should be:

MAGPAKAILANMAN...the Howard Hughes story

Maalaala Mo Kaya...The J. M. Barrie Story

Bawal Na Gamot...The Ray Charles Story

My apologies for my lack of wit. I lost it in the middle of Finding Neverland...


Blogger drei said...

i'm not exactly rooting for the aviator, but it's my favorite scorcese to date. sa bagay fourth scorcese ko pa lang un. my brother said goodfellas is the best, but i haven't seen it yet. gangs of new york for me was bad.

5:08 PM


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