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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

On Movie Spoilers...

I was planning on watching I, Robot today. I was always fascinated by the ideas of Issac Asimov. Bicentennial Man was a a great book and I got to read some of his other short stories as well.
Anyways, I was sitting on my workstation minding my own business when a group of guys from HR were having lunch (my station is near the pantry) . Turns out their topic for the day was the movies to be premiering that week. One of the guys started talking about I, Robot apparently he already saw it on pirated DVD...AND GAVE OUT THE ENDING. I was within earshot of their conversation, And I heard EVERY FREAKIN' THING! Way to go, Einstein! You just saved me P80!! BRAVO!!! YOU DA MAAAANN!!!

Just like Ben Parker said "With great power, comes great responsibility" All DVD owners should practice a little discretion with the plots and endings of the movies they see.
THIS SHOULD BE MADE LAW. I once had to sit through some genius in a theater tell his girlfriend the whole "fascinating" story of "Spiderman 2" . I never really enjoyed "The Sixth Sense" at its full extent because, my friend decided she couldnt bear the pressure of NOT telling us that Bruce Willis was a ghost!!
We all enjoy movies. We will all enjoy movies better if we just keep our mouths shut and let everyone else enjoy the same experience we did!!


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i agree. hehe

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