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Thursday, July 08, 2004

I Love Julia Stiles

After a long time, (long before my My Sassy Girl phase for sure), I saw 10 Things I Hate About You again last night. Its amazing how those high school life fuzzies come back like an old fungus on you after wearing unlaundered socks (okay, too much info there). It also reminded me of my undying infatuation with my onscreen sweetheart (when I say onscreen, it doesn't necessarily mean that we're on the screen together.) Julia Stiles.

My friends always teased me for having a "major Jones" for Julia. "Square yung mukha niya", "She's not really that pretty", " She alway plays the mad, antisocial chick.", and of course,"Taray niya!" Well that's exactly why I LOOOOOVE her!
I always saw Julia Stiles as the typical girl next door. Not too pretty (well, compared to the staple teen flick regulars Hillary Duff, Mandy Moore and Anne Hathaway), but enough to get you interested. Julia has the face that doesn't strike the first time, pero gumaganda siya habang tumatagal. One of the things that made her a star was her infectious ability to "get jiggy". It was I first saw that 10 things party sequence where she dances drunk on a table when I said, "Hey, ang cool ng chick na to, ah". That infatuation turned into obsession, when I saw "Save the Last Dance". She immediately got inagurated into my "Top 10 Girls of All Time" (which I will feature in the future, so stay tuned.)

At a time when Hollywood keeps looking for the big "new thing" new with the perfect face and the perfect anatomy (coughlindsaylohancough!), It's comforting that they still trust the tried and tested "real girl". I cant wait to see "The Prince and Me". I just hope they don't give her screwy lines and bad directing.


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