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Tuesday, June 29, 2004


I have been having problems with soap lately. I am in the process of making a study on what the most effective soap is.

Safeguard is nice, fragrant and very recognizeable. It has a smell that I have gotten used to as I grew up. The beige colored Safeguard is the most commonly used soap, I think.

I have also tried using Zest. One thing about Zest is it gets very hard when it dries up, so whe you try to use it for the millionth time it feels like its brand new, only smaller. However it feels like its loaded with chemicals you know, something "industrial" like what the that fish guy on "The Beach" wanted

Lifebuoy is very fragrant. you can put lifebuoy in a tray half filled with water and youll have it turn to mush, but your bathroom will smell like the pirated version of eternity sold in Greenhills.

Whatever soap you use, just make sure you dont do what my friend in Cebu did. He was a little too close to the toilet....


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uuggghhhhh!-belinda a.k.a hundun (

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