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Friday, June 25, 2004

The Mad, Mad world of Britney Spears

I feel sorry for Britney Spears.
Sure she's the most popular girl in the world. Millions of dollars. Thousands of guys after her. However the way things are going, her image change from schoolgirl to slut, the 2 day Las vegas wedding/divorce,she must be inches away from losing her marbles. Then suddenly, this....
Just recently another story hit the papers concerning Britney Spears being involved in an accident.

Britney's mom accidentally ran over a paparazzi photographer after shopping for a pet at a local pet store. Britney apparently went into a panic attack after hearing what was described as a "sickening crunch" when the un"lucky" (corny pun intended) photog's leg got caught in the path of the left front wheel. Britney was so upset by what happened that she had to be consoled by the ambulance driver (intended for the photographer!)
The photographer had to wait for treatment on the sidewalk after they were done with Britney.The driver held her hand as she bawled, mascara trail dripping down her cheeks. She was clinging on to the new dog she had just bought at the pet shop. The pet was to keep her spirits up while she was recuperating from knee surgery she had which injury was the reason for the cancellation of ther world tour.

Inches....just inches away.

..or maybe it's just the stress she gets from studying Semiconductor Physics?
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