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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Movie Locations

I live in a very densely populated part to San Andres bukid where you see kids playing badminton in the streets and young girls flirting with the jobless young college graduates. If you walk a little southward of Zobel Roxas street, you will see an old tindahan in the corner placed below an old residence made of wood. Look into the street crossing Zobel Roxas where the tindahan is, you'll see a small red room extending from the tindahan' side like a big red tumor. I say red because the room is colored blood red. If you look at ti really hard it will look familiar to you if you saw Mark Meily's "Crying Ladies". That's the small shack Sharon Cuneta's charagter lived in as a single ex-convict trying to make ends meet working for a chinese store owner. The tindahan was Hilda Coronel's character's sari-sari Store. The rickety second floor apartment was Edgar Mortiz's character's house where most of the "noise" going into Sharon's room comes from.
Mark Meily's "Crying Ladies will be shown in This year's CineManila opening tommorrow, to be held at Glorietta 4. I recommend you seeing it because it proves how much we can improve if we just forget about all that cheesy hollywood stuff. Not to say that there wasn't a tinge of hollywood in it. The idea was very original. It was our own. No cruise ships, no European cities as settings, just a simple story of a simple woman with a really strange job that is unique to the Philippine culture.

Speaking of film locations, here are some more...


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