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Thursday, July 22, 2004

One Small Victory

At last Angelo De La Cruz is free. The nation is in a state of euphoria as one of its hardworking sons who was struck by the great misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, had his luck turned around through good decision making and heartfelt prayers from home base. Being a fellow Kapmpangan , I feel glad and proud to be of the same bloodlines as Angelo, I'm sure Kapampangans love all the attention too. We are again center stage in this great cinematic moment of global proportions.
After all the prayers, the glorious homecoming. After all the pancit has been eaten and all the media turn their attention to the next salvage victim across the comes the real problem.
We all know for a fact that the US is not very pleased with President GMAs decision to pull the troops out. A New York Post editorial labels the move as condoning terrorist behavior. Two Bulgarian hostages were beheaded by the extremists previously but the Bulgarian government didn't budge. Many global observers would probably ask why we were such "sissies" like Spain and Thailand.
I would like to state for the record that I support the decision to pull out. Our president needs the confidence of the people. The global community is probably aware of the fact that we are an immature nation (a nation who looks upon moviestars to save it from hunger).
Most people don't realize how hard the decision was for the President. Letting Angelo die would be equal to letting us all die. Of course this not the actual case. But the President is aware of the consequences of her actions if she left Angelo alone. What the masses are not aware of (or don't care to know) is how much this is going to set back our relations with our greatest ally and supporter. We will have to anticipate some economic turbulence because Uncle Sam is not going to hep us like before. Expect the masses to be mad at GMA again for letting the economy lag. Can you see my point? Any which way, SHE loses.


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