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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Indie Pinoy Rules!!!

CAVITE is a story about a Philippine American going back home to his province. The movie was made independently by young Fil-Am guerilla filmmakers Ian Gamazon and Neill Dela Llana. It turns out that they did not have the budget to pay for a lead actress as that they were turned dow by every actress they offered the part to. They had to make revisions in the script and turn the main character to a guy instead. Lucky for them this was not the type of movie that was dependent on the main character's looks. The movie boasts (I don't know if "boasts" is the right word) of scenes of Manila's urban decay and trash filled "esteros" but not in a Carlo J. Caparas way, but more of a Mereilles "City of God" kind of way. If you have seen RadioActive Sago Project's "Astro (AstroCigarette)" Music Video, you'll know what I mean. Click the picture to go to their website.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call me anything you like but I really know squat about Indie. How would a music/film classify as Indie? -Wylmer

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