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Friday, June 23, 2006

The Millenium Falcon Transforms!

Once more...the geek in me emerges and rears its ugly but finely combed head.

I was late for work and completely bummed when I came in early this morning. So since our online tools were down I tried to check the updates in some of my reference sites. Sure enough I come across some really bordering the outer realms of ultra-coolness that it made me forget that I was probably gonna get a warning for my schedule adherence.

Just when I thought Hasbro has made its way through my childhood, it comes pulling me back in.

"With lots of electronic lights and sounds, this is a fun toy for everybody. Remember Han Solo boasting to Obi-Wan Kenobi about how great his ship is? This robot actually talks, using Harrison Ford's voice from the trilogy with such classic quotes as "I have a bad feeling about this!" and "She's the fastest ship in the fleet." The toy also features Chewbacca's classic roar, and a number of sound effects from the engines, guns, and computers of the Millennium Falcon."

In the same site, I also get to find a Slave 1 ship that turns into...well..Boba Fett!!

An officemate told me that this was actually availabel HERE already. What? I've been frequenting the toy department almost every time I go to the mall (that statement alone cost me 4 possible future dates), and I have never seen any of these treasures anywhere. Must look harder...must resist temptation. Just one more week till salary day... must.. resist. The force is too strong......

Props to TheMovieBlog.


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