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Friday, February 24, 2006

Spiderman is in Black

ok, i got thrown in molasses, so?

Let me remind you folks that this is not a fan-made poster. This was picked out of the url

Looks like Spiderman will be wearing black in the upcoming Spiderman 3. With all the villain announcements like Venom, it looks like this could be very very interesting....

Props to The MovieBlog.


Blogger Sedricke said...

woah. just woah.

7:20 PM

Anonymous Chipester Khan said...

muhhh... muhhh... woah!

of course I already have this saved on my computer hehehe


Spidey in black is the shit, like a Ninja but only a whole lot cooler!

11:10 PM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

Sedricke: My words exactly. Very articulately put.

Chipester: I wonder wnhat other surprises are instore for us in Spideys world....

4:53 AM

Blogger hedbeats said...

Since Venom is involved, it only makes sense that Spidey will be in black, don't it? Doesn't he become that space creature's host or however it goes? Or am I mixing things up...and asking too many unnecessary questions? Right? Wrong?

5:31 PM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

hedbeats: Yes that's true. But that would also mean that he will be in black for only a certain part of the movie. because he takes the alien costume off and it gets worn by Topher Grace....oooops spoiler! Haha, just kidding.

5:44 AM

Anonymous anetski said...

OH WOW!!!! this i gotta see ahead of everyone else!

5:40 AM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

I'd love to do that to...

...but I am afraid they're still shooting it!!!!!!

4:47 AM


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