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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

AKIRA live action movie to be made by Catwoman's Pitof??

Live action AKIRA?

Anyone seen Vidocq? the French neoclassical murder mystery shot in digital video. The stunning shots despite (or probabaly even enhanced by) the medium prompted the producers to get this director to direct Catwoman. Which, as we all know, was a huge, HUGE dissapointment.
I just recently saw AKIRA (yeah, after 16 years since it was made) and I can say, despite the numerous copycat attempts tby other animators and "Western filmmakers" (*cough*Wachowski*cough*) that it has one of the most original concepts for an animated film.
Now as if to mock all Anime disciples throughout the world, Warner Brothers is tapping Pitof to direct the mother of all Anime..

Please, say it isn't so.

Props to Twitch.


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