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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Preview: "V For Vendetta"

Nothing comares 2u!
The Wachowski Brothers are up for another go in the comics to movie franchise. V For Vendetta is the latest project being worked on by the brothers since their last little project called The Matrix Trilogy. A bald (but still beautiful) Natalie Portman will play a woman rescued by a mysterious revoulutionary known only as "V" bent on fighting the powers that be in totalitarian-ruled England.
Seems like the brothers like sticking to the "Fight The Power" theme. This, by the way does not seem to have anything to do with Artifiial Intelligence or digital worlds or brain uploading or anything of that sort. But we really don't know what these kids are cooking up now, do we?

By the way, this just in. The role of V originally was given to James Purefoy, who quit for undisclosed reasons and is now being replaced by...Hugo "Agent Smith" Weaving.

Welcome back, Mr. Smith, we missed you!

watch out! Zorro just lost is mask!

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Anonymous ~tin~ said...

hmm... something to look forward to. thanks for the info!

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