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Friday, July 07, 2006

More Updates before Meals!!

Daft Punk Making a Movie!

mmmph, mmmmmgrphhhhh

I love Daft Punk. Their music is a smart and unique blend of elecric pop and a wide range of musical styles ranging from 70's disco to Herbie Hancock techno. I was excited to hear that they were going to come up with a movie called Electroma, directed by, themselves! They have previously gone through the movie path with their animated video series Interstella 5555. You might recognize some of these videos in rotation in MTV and Channel V for a while as videos for One More Time, Aerodynamic and Digital Love amongst others. And who can forget Around The World?

Click here for the YouTube trailer

Props to Twitch

Paramount pisses off The Movie Blog

The Movie Blog
is probably my favorite blog site around and is my biggest source of movie news. Just yesterday, I found the TMB to be down, replaced by a GoDaddy banner. few hours later I log back in and find TMB founder John Campea, fuming mad with a large ranting post about how Paramount requested to have his site pulled down for exhibiting copyrighted material (i. e. a photo from the set of the Transformers movie). The site is back up and Campea has since replaced the rant with a less scathing summary of his complaint. Apparently paramount called him to settle things. Damage control is more like it.

It just comes to show that you do not mess with the core audience or you will end up cleaning your own mess. That's showing them John!

Click here for the entry.

Silver Surfer will be All CGI

Silver Surfer will make his first ever cinematic appearance in the new upcoming Fantastic Four movie. And he will be completely CGI.

Great deal. I never liked the Vin Diesel idea anyway. They oughta get the rights Joe Satriani's Surfing With The Alien as his theme too.

Props to TheMovieBlog

Triple H Eyed as He Man

Actually he's not a bad choice. We all know he's got the bod. It's not like his acting needs that much of a stretch. As long as it's not Fabio, I'm all good.

Props toTheMovieBlog


Blogger talksmart said...

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1:39 AM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

Thanks dude!

1:58 AM

Anonymous ~tin~ said...

fabio?! wahahahahha! what a hoot!

but i can definitely see triple h as he-man.

6:16 PM


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