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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

First Pics: Set of Rambo IV

I just stumbled upon an interesting set of images from, the set of the upcoming Rambo movie.

What? Another Rambo movie?

It seems to me that old Sly is trying to make a graceful exit by beating new life into his old '80's cash cows, the Rocky and Rambo movies.

Is this old geezer milking the cow too much? Or is it just appropriate that he close these books with guns blazing. A better question would probably be, will this movie close the series with guns blazing?

Man, is he big or what!?

Click the thumbnail picture for a larger view of his large largeness!

Props to the The Movie Blog


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Blogger drei said...

my oh my! i was a ramboo fan in elementary! sobrang 10 years old pa lagn ako, may concept na ako ng 'elements of a typical action movie', nakuha ko dahil sa paulit ulit na panood ng ramboo! hehe. :)

btw, i nominated you sa blog awards. :)

2:48 PM


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