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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Rocketboy works his last day.

Today will be my last day working for my company. It was a good 5 years while it lasted, but I needed to make some adjustments to make my life less complicated and give myself some personal space. Plus, like Christian Siriano, I needed a 'vay-cay'.

Now, what does this mean for The Rocketboy Chronicles? Given that I started this blog out of boredom because I had full internet access at work and have had so for the past 5 years which will end in the next 6 hours, I could say that I might have less posts,or more, now that I have more time for posting, since work gets in the way so much, hahah. But definitely, The Rocketboy Chronicles will go on. And even if I may post less frequently (oh come on, I post at least once a month anyway),you can enjoy more meaningful, more well written, well edited posts, since I will have more time to concentrate on research and grammar and less time making money.


Blogger Lance said...

you'll be missed...

1:59 PM

Anonymous ~tin~ said...

wha-? i didn't know... =(

sayang, you're an asset to the company pa naman, if i say so myself. anyway, i wish you well on your endeavors.

we have the rocketboy chronicles pa naman to keep in touch. =)

God bless!

9:27 AM

Blogger the rocketboy said...

Hey Tin,

I thought I remembered telling Ron, guess he forgot to tell you. Anyways its all good. Thanks for all the kuwento and yes, like Titanic my blog will go on...

9:16 AM


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