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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Deng Mangalagu follow up...

For a very short while, they took the firewall off of Friendster in the office, I took all the opportunities to log in and make changes. I changed the profile info and took out that cheesy poem I had made for a special someone (It seemed inappropriate to share such a private piece of aesthetic "gem" for such a shallow cause). I also changed the background on my MySpace profile.
Now the firewall is back up again. Invites come in trinkles now. Not like before, however contributing to this would be the fact that I can't log in and invite more girls, it's the self invitations that keep it going. Its surprising that I still have 27 pending friend requests in DengMangalagu 1 after having 501 members.

Anyway, check out what I got....


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