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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

They're Gonna Play Bas-Ket-Brawllll!!!!

While everybody is still talking about the last Pistons Pacers game/rumble. Lemme' link you to the website that gives you more than your daily dose of basket brawl. is a website dedicated to the latest basketball fiasco (and NBA PR nightmare) that happened in the Palace at Auburn Hills ( The Detroit Pistons’ homecourt) when Pacers Forward Ron Artest “obviously” fouled Pistons Center Ben Wallace to the tune of a big whopping smack upside Wallace's afro during a lay up with 45 seconds left to play in the fourth quarter, which resulted in a melee between the two players. Well, you know the rest...

The site also contains streaming video of the incident, articles, as well as, SURPRISE! More Pictures!!!!



Blogger Zack Bennett said...

Come to the states and watch ESPN. They're milking this for all it's worth.

/don't worry about me, i'm just surfing the blogging universe, leaving comments on every english-speaking site I come across for a few minutes. now that i've seen yours, see my blog.

3:51 PM


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