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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The New, uh.. "OldBoy" Toy

After winning the Grand Prix in the Cannes Film Festival, OldBoy has become a household name and has brought South Korea to the map as one of the premier upcoming cinema giants in the turn of the 21st Century. This nihilistic tale of revenge is the masterpiece of Director Chan Wook Park based on the japanese Manga of the same name.
Like all heroes (or anti-heroes, for that matter) protagonist Oh Dae Su needs to have an action figure (or 'Replicas', if you prefer to be more snotty about it). I must say, these are really good for a relatively unknown character (for now). I'm not sure if these will be anywhere near available in the Philippines. I hope to have one someday, somehow, and I'm willing to be locked up in a small, "cheap hotel"-like room, scrub toilets and eat fried dumplings for a month for it too.

Props to twitch.


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