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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Farewell, SUPERMAN.

He was invincible. Farewell, Man of Steel.

Christopher Reeve was indeed a Man of Steel having to put up with his dehabilitating spinal injury and the press hounding him at the same time. He effectively used the power of the media to educate the masses about spinal injury and the available resources for other victims like himself to have a better future and hopefully, a chance to use their limbs again. He also catapulted himself into showbiz royalty as a crusader and underdog hero.
I will always remember him as the blue eyed man of steel. I thought the Superman Movies were cool when I was a kid, only to find out that they were way COOLER when I say them as an adult. I can genuinely say that it is the only superhero movie (with a screenplay by Godfather writer Mario Puzo) with real substance.
Truly he will be missed.


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