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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Bianca Flies High

After her stint at "Extra Challenge" ended last night with very high rating stats (almost 43%), Bianca King is dramatically becoming the country's favorite teen darling. Initally reputed for being a snub and a brat, she singlehandedly turned her image around almost overnight by doing every "Bratinella Challenge" with gusto, besting the other "Bratinellas" in the game while helping the ones who were either scared or lagging behind. One particular cse in point is her reforging her bond with fellow Gimik co-star and StarStruck Ultimate Survivor Jennelyn Mercado. She held Jen's hand while their backs were squirming with worms and gave her the supporting hugs she needed after barely passing the creepy-crawly challenges. One highlight of the show was her "flight" a-la Aviona in the rapel gliding challenge, flapping her arms like the angel that she seems to be.
As long as she keeps herself visible in Mulawin, her star will continue to shine and Patrick Garcia can't do a darn thing to stop it!


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